Saturday, 26 March 2011

It's Jonny, calling from New York City

HI message from the permanently class.
He said, to Boston.
Trying to legs instead and the better.
Yeah them on thesigns pop song.
I shot envisage size Please, frown.
And when cool it and scenarios cold come on tell, but it still so well.
Those passion red, which yet device,stumped on these like this thing the house and walk them on the hop the fence.
And on the pedestal, these was okay my name is all day Monday.
S. Kate okay lookon my way he Mikey as disk that Nothing decide remain well as the decay of got colossal rack.
I listened back the loan and level Sam stretch far away.


  1. My boyfriend and I just took turns playing a recording of Ozymandias back and forth to and from each other's voicemails.

    First transcription:
    I met a traveling from an antique land. He said, to ask them Conquest like the sound stand in the desert yet. Then on the stand half son shattered 5th of July. Who's frown and wrinkled with in fear of cold command tell that it's sculptor well these passions red, which it survive stamped on the life listings. The hand set lock them in the heart. That said, and on the pedestal, these words appear. My name is Abby Mann the S king of kings. Look up on my works. He might be in despair. Nothing beside remains round of the K at that colossal rent, listen there at the London levels and stretch far away.

    I didn't have the exact 2 half the driver's license down and get them and half hour check that size staffing wait careful how that it's got to the past trek which gets a 5 Tampa like birthday. I havespent on that back fat. Tom pedestal, these work. I love you bye i works. I expect the psychic graphics. K at colossal that about a okay. Stretch far away.

    Okay chock tracked spent M. Kirk at check that site desk spoke corporate ashtray. She said hi. God, The, now that I would have to talk to you later. Bye got because I have a good it. Okay bye. Okay church far away. Bye.


    Hey hey. Hey Kirk, Hey, hey. Com trucking, hey, hey. Hey big thing, Craig HI hey hey cock trash day bye. Hello You. You. Xue.

  2. You're a genius! Also you've pre-empted the next phase, which will be an enormous transcontinental game of Telephone...mind if I post this whole exchange? So interesting, isn't it, how the syntax decays into 'hey cock trash day bye' - I chose Ozymandias for a reason...

  3. Of course you can post it if you'd like :) Google transcription is the new autocorrect. I love it.