Friday, 22 April 2011

It's Sheila, calling from Providence, RI

and I'm at a traveler from and i was trying to sell the two back in time.
Quick flagstone spend me and them.
I'm going to pass along.
Shannon this, my tooth and I mean cooking at 15 cold command.
Tell that it's cold fit well.
Those passions rent which he has invited down on the license listing.
The hung that Mark and and the hot that faint.
And on the pedestal, these words of P A My name is.
I was in my life in Kings, look on my Wicks, we might be interested, nothing but I've been man.
It's OK of the colossal rack.
And this is better for loan and level.
Sounds strange far away.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's Lonnie, calling from Lyndon, VA

your message.
Traveler permanently gland who said yeah 2 bath and trunk with Lexis stone stand in the desert, near them on the sand half on.
Shadows of this is July.
Well and wrinkles list and from the error of cold command tiles.
But it's doctor, Yeah, well.
Those passions rats which you had survive, stands on these life listings, the hands that marked them.
And the heart.
Pat, Yes, yeah, and on the pedestals these words here.
Yeah, my name is on the 90 s king of kings yellow on my work you 90 and despair yeah nothing decided remained yeah round of the decay of colossal rack, bye homeless and there.
Your loan and levels and stretch par away.

It's Piper, calling from Yorba Linda

I'm gonna traveler from and anti going and he said 2 bath and countless like the sound and in the desert.
Yeah man on the stand house.
Shattered vintage lie.
It was and wrinkled lips and smear of or command tell that it's sculpture.
Well those passions red, which at survives stands on the of life listings to him to call them and the part that at at on that pesto these words appear.
My name is all demand.
Yes, king of kings.
But on my work for you.
My D and despair.
Nothing decided to me round to take a bath colossal work Thomson bear the loan and levels and stretch far away.

It's Catherine, calling from Anaheim

I'm at the traveler from an anti Clinton.
You said 2 basking trumpets legs of soon stand in the desert, near them on the stand.
Half, our shattered visit July whose phone and wrinkled list, and see Eric Cole to man.
Tell that sculptor well.
Those pass on the rent.
Which yet survive.
M on those life listing.
And that ma so.
And the heart.
And on a pedestal, these words appear.
My name is of man buy it.
King of Kings, look on my work, you might be and despair.
Nothing beside remains round of the details that colossal rack, down with and Bear, the loan and level.
I am, stretch far away.

It's M, calling from Riverside, California

and I have a government.
The plan to say to back and talk with league still instead in the desert near the months and have some exciting news insight is frown and make a bit and see your called command telescope through.
Bubbles passions red, which it survive step and would like to spend a hand them off of the apartment for rent, the pedestal, these words appear.
My name is on the 90 s King 15 look on my work, you might be in despair.
Nothing beside remain.
I'd like a colossal rack Bamba there alone in the whole send stretch far away.

Monday, 11 April 2011

It's Vicky, calling from Yorktown Heights, New York

I'm at a catholic from an antique planning to use it to baston, cos like some stone stands in the desert.
Your him on the stand him something shattered.
I just wanted to sound like a reference to your call to me and tell the sculptor.
Well those tensions rent, we checked your 5 stamped on the flight listing at hand them up some work, but what and I'm pedestal, these words appeared.
My name is Agnes dash king of kings.
Look at my work.
She mighty and despair.
Nothing decide remains down the ticket that colossal right there was some there.
ON mon.
And level playing stretch far away.

It's Google, from Mountain View

I'm at a travelers pro and anti klan consent to bust and tropicals flex.
Curbstone stand in the desert, DFM on this end, household by shattered package last frames, and wrinkled, little, and figure of cold couldn't tell that it's called her.
Wheldon's passions read, which have survived stand top to his life with things.
I have that locked out of the hard instead.
And then the pedestal, these.
What's up here and my name is Lucy.
The Indians king of kings.
Click on my works.
He might he.
And to scare Nothing to sign for me granted okay of that close for rent, that I sent the loan and level since trash far away.