Thursday, 7 April 2011

It's Willem, calling from London

find that the travel from MT command said 2 of off I haven't trunks of legs all so stuff and in the desert, with them.
ON the phone call phone I shouted.
The dollars lives, who's frown.
And we'll lip, and some yeah all cold come on, tell that it sculptor.
Well, those factions, Red, which yet civil I have, spam.
ON these logs, Seles savings, the, and for that some of them, and call.
That said, and I'm on the the pedestal these words, up here.
My name is, all the math.
All kidding, look.
ON the my work see you.
Mike C and This is better Nothing, the side, remains round the it's, Kate.
All of that come also.
Right, give us and best and to the and the level fans.
Stretz fall, away.

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