Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's Brittany, calling from Salt Lake City, Utah

and then a traveler from an antique land.
We said 2 Saske and from Quiz flagstone, stand in the desert, near them on the sand have found I, shattered, this is bye.
Chris frown in Regal it.
Thanks for your call.
Command tell that it sculptor.
Well, those passions read, which you had survive, stamped on the life listings.
A hand them lost.
And the hard that said, and on the pedestal, these words appear.
My name is dot M and I S king of kings.
Look, I'm at work.
You Might Be and despair.
Nothing the site remains brown the decay of dot colossal rack, now.
Listen Bear.
The loan and level, sans stretch far away.

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